Baby Feeding Chart for Year One

How Much Milk Should I Feed My Baby?

The amount of formula and/or breast milk your baby needs will vary as they grow. And although there is no custom guide, a baby feeding chart can help minimize guesswork.


This chart is based on WHO Growth Standards, the Pediatric Nutrition Care Manual and input from Bobbie’s team of medical advisors.

Baby’s AgeDaily VolumeMonthly Bundle Size (Combo Feeding 50/50)
1-4 weeks (Newborn) 6-10  (3 fl. oz)  bottles 4 cans
1 month 7-8  (4 fl. oz) bottles 4 cans
2 months 5-6  (5 fl. oz) bottles 4 cans
3 months 5-6  (7 fl. oz)  bottles 8 cans
4 months 5-6  (7 fl. oz)  bottles 8 cans
5 months 5-6  (7 fl. oz)  bottles 8 cans
6 to 11 months 4-5  (8 fl. oz) bottles 8 cans
12 months 3-4  (8 fl. oz)  bottles 4 cans

Note: To prepare Bobbie formula, add one unpacked, level scoop of powder for every 2 fl. oz. of warm water (100ºF). Always add water first, then powder, and shake to mix thoroughly. These recommendations are based on normal growth patterns for healthy term infants and are provided as general guidance to estimate how much Bobbie to order, always consult your infant’s healthcare provider to ensure your child's unique needs are being met.

Formula-Fed Baby Poop, Spit Up and Gas

A newborn’s poop can vary in frequency and consistency, so don’t be alarmed if your baby doesn’t poop every day or if their poop is a different color than what you’re used to seeing. Below, we’ll break down what you should expect from your baby as they move through different age groups.

While gas and spit-up are normal for babies, regardless of their diet, there are ways to ease a gassy baby’s discomfort and reduce the likelihood of spitting up.

For example, things like burping your baby after feedings and paced bottle feeding can help with gas, while propping them up during feedings may help reduce spit up. If you have concerns about either of these issues, please talk to your pediatrician.

My baby is:
Did you know? At 0-2 Weeks...

Is greenish/black and looks like tar.

Spit Up

Most newborns will spit up during burping with a feed.


Digestive system is still forming; spit up after and in between feeds is normal.

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