Bobbie baby formula is
inspired by European recipes
and crafted with USDA
Organic ingredients.

  • no corn syrup
  • no filler
  • no palm oil
  • no maltodextrin
  • no gluten
  • no persistent pesticides
  • no antibiotics
  • No Soy Allergens

Our Ingredients

thoughtfully sourced

Lactose (Organic)

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Milk Sugar

Lactose is the most common carbohydrate found in breast milk and provides energy to fuel growth. It also helps with mineral absorption and plays a role in positively shaping the composition of the gut microbiota by supporting the beneficial bacteria.

Non-fat Milk (Organic)

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Skim Milk

The nonfat milk in our flagship formula is a source of proteins, carbohydrate, and essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium and phosphorus which are important for bone health. Bobbies fat blend provides the right balance of fatty acids to mimic the complex fatty acid profile of breastmilk.

Whey Protein Concentrate (Organic)

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Whey Protein

Whey is a type of protein, whose key feature is that it stays liquid during digestion. This makes it gentle on tummies! Our flagship recipe includes added whey protein to mirror the protein composition of mature breast milk, while our Organic Gentle recipe features partially-hydrolyzed (broken down) whey proteins for extra digestibility.

Source of Iron

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Ferrous Sulfate

Ferrous refers to the Latin name for iron. Iron is an essential mineral that is important for red blood cell health and function, including transporting oxygen to the body’s cells, and supports brain and cognitive development.

Vitamin D

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Cholecalciferol is a form of Vitamin D, an essential vitamin that promotes calcium absorption and helps to maintain plasma calcium and phosphate levels, which support the development and maintenance of bones. Vitamin D also supports immune function.

Plant-based DHA

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Schizochytrium Oil

A single-celled sea algae that happens to produce DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid. DHA supports brain function and development and plays a key role in cell signaling, lipid metabolism, cell membrane function, and eye development and function.

Family-owned for over five generations, to nourish the next generation.


Our California-native supplier shares our commitment to quality and safety. They voluntarily meet EU standards, because they share our belief that consumers deserve the best and that FDA guidelines aren’t as strict as they’d want for their own family’s consumption 

Fun facts: our proprietary oil blend is unique to Bobbie, to meet your baby’s needs and our industry-leading standards.

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