Feeding is a journey.


<p>Feeding is a journey.</p>

When we needed it most, a trusted and organic infant formula simply did not exist—let alone a company that supported our feeding choices without judgment or hesitation. 

So we decided to create it ourselves. Hello, Bobbie.

As moms first, you could say our babies made us do it.

“We’re here to help every parent feel supported in their feeding journey—breast, bottle or both.”


It was 10:50pm,

under the fluorescent lights of Aisle 3…

Exhausted, frustrated, and facing her first bout of mastitis, our co-founder Laura Modi found herself staring at shelves of infant formula steeped in corn syrup, fillers, and palm oil. She left the store, consumed with guilt over buying a product for her baby with ingredients she herself wouldn’t eat.


Bobbie is founded 

Modi, now pregnant with her second baby,
left her job and registered Bobbie Baby, LLC—named after what her daughter called her bottle.
She set up shop in the basement of her home in San Francisco, closing Bobbie’s first round of investment just weeks before giving birth. 


Getting down to business

Laura rallied friend and “work wife” Sarah Hardy to join the wild ride. Not only intent on creating a better baby formula, Sarah joined Bobbie to build a workplace that ensured parents could truly thrive.  They got down to business, building a team of scientists and pediatric nutritionists to develop a European-style recipe for the US market.


Bobbie goes legit.

Locked in with a best-in-class facility—the first in the U.S. to have manufactured organic formula—Bobbie was ready for takeoff! From the jump, our manufacturer was more than a trusted partner. Product to recipe, they truly believe in Bobbie, especially in the shake-up we’re here to create within the industry.

FDA Greenlight
FDA Greenlight
August 20th, 2020

Fast-forward to August 20th, 2020: Laura, Sarah, and team receive a letter from the FDA, giving Bobbie the green light to launch. We were the first infant formula company to enter the U.S. market in over six (6!) years.


Welcome to the world, Bobbie.

Within a year of launch, Bobbie became the fastest-growing infant formula company to enter the US market since the 1980s. We planted the seeds of Bobbie for Change: partnering with The Breasties, climbing The Hill to fight for expanded insurance coverage, and launching the Take Our Leave campaign to advocate for parents in the workplace.


Crisis strikes the formula industry.

Shelves run dry, and parents nationwide demand answers to a crisis that should never have happened in the first place.

But not a single Bobbie parent went without formula. We decided to temporarily halt new subscriptions, guaranteeing deliveries to the families who were counting on us. It was the easy choice, because we made a promise: when you subscribe to us, we subscribe to you.


Bobbie, meet Target!

When inventory on shelves nationwide remained sporadic at best, Bobbie launched in Targets nationwide: the only U.S. formula company to expand to retail during the formula shortage. (You can still find us there today.)


Next-level hell- raising, and beyond.

Bobbie for Change is born. Our social and policy impact arm announced our partnership with 4Kira4Moms and community
birth workers in January, in response to the Black maternal
mortality crisis.

...And we're just getting started.

Innovators, culture-shapers, hell‑raisers and—above all—parents.


We roll deep.

Meet our Chief Medical Advisors, Dr. Anthony Porto and Dr. Dina DiMaggio, along with some of the world’s top pediatric researchers.

Our Medical Advisory Board

The hearts and minds behind our cutting-edge approach to infant nutrition.

Anthony Porto, MD, MPH, FAAP

Chief Medical Advisor

Dina DiMaggio, MD, FAAP

Medical Research Director

See more of

Our Expert Assembly

Our First Education Lead (a.k.a. The Formula Mom)

Meet Mallory Whitmore. She’s been shaking the stigma since 2019, and in 2022 we asked her to join us at the table as we shape the future of the industry.