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The world is changing and it’s about time companies caught up. We are setting the standard for workplace culture—and doing it the Bobbie way. By evolving for today’s modern employees, we aim to support the whole person at work.

Here at Bobbie, flexibility and compassion co-exist with efficiency and ambition. Across different backgrounds, all life stages and four time zones, we are a growing team with one goal: to change the culture around infant feeding.

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Our core values

Nurture the tension

Parenthood is full of healthy tension, and so is building a company. We embrace the unknowns, practice humility and are a culture of learners.

Don’t assume

We embrace our unique perspectives, withhold judgment, and find beauty in the paths that brought us all to Bobbie. Our strength is celebrating each other and our collective voice.

Be radical

We are change makers, rule breakers and stigma shakers. We are unapologetically bold and use our megaphone for good.

Deliver ounce x ounce

Our customers have entrusted us to feed their babies. We lose sleep over the details, so they don’t have to.

Why Bobbie?


VP, Sales Partnerships & Business Affairs
Carmel, CA

The mission is everything for me. I had a really rough go at feeding my first daughter. I feel so lucky to work at a mom founded and led company where the entire team is obsessed with giving our kids the best of the best.


Lead, New Products & Market
San Francisco, CA

I love working for a company that values me as a whole person. As a non-parent, I feel inspired to do my best work, encouraged to take the time off I need to recharge and reset and supported to explore my passions outside of work.


Manager, Quality Assurance
Evansville, IN

I love working at Bobbie because everyone in the organization has a passion for our mission and our product. I also really appreciate that Bobbie respects my family time and provides great perks for everyone so we can live our lives fully!


Director, Product Management
Las Vegas, NV

I joined Bobbie because we support mothers and families when they need it most. The first year of baby’s life is special, it’s wild, and it’s not easy. At Bobbie—whether you’re a Bobbie member or an employee—you're never in it alone


Hospitality Coordinator
San Francisco, CA

Bobbie is driven by a passionate, supportive, and strong team. Everyday is something new and I’m grateful for the support and opportunity to work alongside such an inspiring team.


Customer Experience Specialist
New York, NY

As a stay at home Dad, the number of jobs that you can handle while juggling your family's schedule are slim. Achieving a proper work-life balance has always been important for me and Bobbie has made all of that possible.


Executive Assistant
Washington, DC

As a non-parent, the Bobbie mission resonates with me so deeply. To me this isn’t a ‘job’, it’s a way to champion women, choice and moving the needle forward to support modern parenting in America.


Manager, People Operations
Frederick, MD

I can bring my authentic self to work everyday. I am supported by my teammates and know that the work I’m doing is making the world a better place. I feel very lucky to be a part of this incredible company!


Business Analyst, Growth
Yakima, WA

The Bobbie community is everything! Working alongside others who are so passionate, motivated and energized to shake the stigma around feeding babies is truly special. Everyone showing up everyday as their whole, true self is refreshing and inspiring. 💚


Manager, Brand Design
Birmingham, AL

As a mom of a 3 year old and 1 year old, working at Bobbie has been one of the greatest rides of my life – I don’t have to choose being a mom or being an employee – I am celebrated as both!

Life at Bobbie

Life at Bobbie

Founded by moms, we are now a group of passionate, focused and motivated individuals who share a collective goal of shaking the stigma around how we feed our babies. Our North star is to build a parenting culture of confidence, not comparison—where every parent is supported in the feeding choice that is right for them and their baby. Our team spans across the US and is comprised of moms, dads, and non-parents. Our diversity as a team—in customs and culture, professional and personal experience—reflects the community we are serving at Bobbie.

Map of United States with states where employees live are shaded green; others are unshaded

Remote Work

Remote Work

Since Day One (yep, that’s pre-2020) Bobbie has operated with a fully remote, US-based workforce. We offer reimbursement for coworking spaces, in addition to a monthly WiFi stipend for your home office. Plus ample opportunities to meet your colleagues IRL through local meetups and offsites.

Benefits & Perks

Health insurance for you, and yours

We partner with Aetna and Kaiser to provide 100% of employee medical, dental and vision insurance, with options to add dependents or upgrade your plan.

Parental support

We offer up to one year of parental leave. The first four months are paid, with health insurance coverage for the full year. To help with the transition, we offer flexible hours for parents returning back to work.

We support all feeding journeys. Employees are offered a one-year Bobbie subscription for their babies. Traveling for work and breastfeeding? We'll cover 100% shipping on your breast milk.


In addition to a company sponsored book club, company-wide wellness initiatives, and health-focused affinity groups, everyone on Bobbie's health insurance get a free membership to Talkspace- an online therapy platform, and Health Advocate- our employee assistance program.

401k benefits

We offer a 4% match on 401k employee retirement contributions.

Generous time off

We work hard to shake the stigma! On top of taking any time you need to recharge with our Flexible PTO, we offer 13 paid holidays and a holiday office closure at the end of the year.

Summer fridays

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, every employee unplugs at 1pm local time on Fridays to soak up a few extra ounces of the weekend.

Bobbie love

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Through our peer-to-peer recognition program, employees can nominate colleagues to get a special gift each quarter for embodying our core values and going above and beyond.

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