Help Us Shake Up the Formula Industry

Bobbie's teaming up with clinicians, the FDA, and YOU to create a more equitable food system for our nation's most important citizens: our babies. Find out if you're eligible to join our landmark clinical study—open to all parents, whether you’re breast- or bottle-feeding.

Why Join

Up to $450 in compensation

Welcome bag with swag

1 month supply of Coterie diapers

4 month supply of organic infant formula (if formula feeding)

How it Works

Step One:

Complete the pre-screening questionnaire (less than 5 min).

Step Two:

Eligible participants will go through a more detailed screening process and confirm their commitment to either formula feed or breastfeed.

Step Three:

Participants are enrolled and randomized by the research group. Participants must attend a virtual baseline visit with a pediatric nurse and complete a 30-minute video training session which includes best practices on measuring baby’s growth.

Step Four:

Study participants must complete growth measurements and observational surveys at 6 timepoints over the course of 16 weeks, ending with a urine sample collection.

Let's See if You Qualify:

Apply Now

You'll be redirected to our partner site to complete the verification process.

Have Questions?

Contact the Bobbie + SPRIM Research Team by email at or call +1 (212) 227-1905

The goal of this study is to demonstrate that healthy term babies who are fed Bobbie’s study formula grow at the same rate as those fed with existing cow milk formulas. Such a study is a requirement by the FDA to allow a new infant formula into the market. Breastfeeding is the ultimate reference for infant nutrition. Therefore, this study also includes a group of breastfed babies for additional comparison.

Click "Apply Now" to complete the pre-screening questionnaire and see if you qualify to participate. If you and your baby qualify, you will receive an email from “Bobbie Clinical Study” confirming eligibility. The email contains your participant ID and a link where you can download the study app. Then just follow the steps in the app. You can reach out to the study team through the chat function within the app.

You & your baby will participate in the study for about 16 weeks.

The total compensation for completing the study is $450 spread out over six payments for completing specific milestones. Participants are eligible to receive $50 after completion of baseline procedures, an additional $75 after the completion of week 2, 4 ,8 & 12 procedures, and the final $100 after the completion of the study at week 16. You will have the option to receive a month’s supply of Coterie diapers as a study completion bonus at the end if you’d like. 

Once you have been enrolled and randomized (when applicable), you will also receive a Welcome Bag, containing swag items worth approximately $39.

Participation in this study is entirely voluntary and can be stopped at any time.

Don’t forget the fine print 🤓

SPRIM PRO/ SPRIM PRO Partners may store your data in a confidential and secure database. That personal information will never be shared or sold with any other persons or organizations not associated with SPRIM PRO/ SPRIM PRO Partners. SPRIM PRO/ SPRIM PRO Partners may/will use personal information to contact you directly by phone and/or email for matters related to potential participation in clinical trials, studies, and projects for which the potential participant may qualify. See our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more details. Please note: This infant formula study is IRB approved and listed on