First-year support made simple.

Journeys by Bobbie are expert-led, virtual support group sessions that provide you and fellow parents with tips, tricks, and everyday tools for feeding, sleep, poop, and all things new baby.

  • Gassy belly
  • Weird poop
  • Cluster Feeding
  • Low Supply
  • Switching Formula
  • Nasty Reflux
  • Overproducing Left Boob
  • Feeling Lonely
  • Pumping at work
  • Judgey friends
  • FOMO

Chat with a feeding expert. Meet parents like you.


Come as you are: unshowered, between meetings, baby on your boob—we’ve all been there and we’re all in this together.

  • 30-45 minutes on Zoom
  • Curated & led by top feeding experts
  • 3-12 new parents per group
  • Support for all feeding journeys: breast, bottle, or both

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Featured Session
🍼 Formula feeding

Formula Basics
with the Formula Mom

Get the scoop on all things formula with Mallory Whitmore, Bobbie’s Education Lead and founder of @theformulamom. Q&A included!

Mallory Whitmore

Wednesdays at 4pm et

Live with Mallory Whitmore

💤 sleep

Infant Sleep:
Expectations & Tips for Success

Sleep: We could all use more of it. Join us for an interactive deep dive on baby zzz’s and typical sleep patterns during their first year of life.

Kathryn Davis headshot

Tuesdays at 1pm et

Live with Kathryn Davis

Recommended for first-timers

🐣 0-3 months

Creating Infant Schedules - Tips & Tricks

Join us to figure out what a healthy schedule looks like (personal to you) while in the 4th trimester. We’ll discuss newborn sleep and eating patterns and best practices for working through transition periods.

Mary B. Flynn headshot

Wednesdays at 1pm et

Live with Mary B Flynn

Ask Me Anything: Office Hours with Postpartum Doula

Bring your burning questions and chat with Postpartum Doula about anything baby & parenting.

Kathryn Davis headshot

Thursdays at 10am PT

Kathryn Davis / Mary B Flynn (rotating)

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Transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs.

The host was very friendly and well-spoken. I also liked being there live with other moms experiencing similar issues.

- Katherine

Kathryn had excellent advice for sleep! I wasn’t sure how much sleep my baby needed and she reinforced helpful bedtime ritual suggestions!

- Laura

My Journey’s Session was guided by a compassionate and caring facilitator who led a great discussion.

- Nisha

Our expert guides will help you navigate your baby's first year with confidence.

Feed with confidence with wisdom from certified guides, as well as a safe space to learn.

Mary B Flynn
Mary B Flynn
  • Postpartum Doula
  • Sleep Specialist
  • Lactation Educator
  • Certified EMT
Kathryn Albergate Davis
Kathryn Albergate Davis
  • Postpartum Doula
  • Health Educator
Mallory Whitmore
Mallory Whitmore
  • Education Lead at Bobbie
  • Formula Educator
  • @theformulamom


Our guides are certified in their professions and have undergone our Bobbie Method training. The Bobbie Method was developed based on years of conversations and feedback with our community and is modeled around peer validation and support. Our success metric is your parenting confidence through your feeding journey.

Better question: What works for you? Our sessions are created with your flexibility in mind—drop in whenever you want! Bouncing between sessions can help you get different perspectives from different guides, as well as meet others in your new parent community.

Please enter the session with your mic muted and camera on. Once the session is ready to start, your guide will prompt the group to introduce yourselves and share your stories. We love using the chat box to cheer each other on as well! Awake, asleep, somewhere in between—your baby is welcome! If you need to, hop off and rejoin when you’re ready. Just note that we may ask you to mute your mic if your little one has a lot to say. 😉

Journeys by Bobbie

Introducing Journeys by Bobbie, the ultimate lifeline for new parents navigating the exhilarating, yet often overwhelming, world of parenthood. Journeys is a groundbreaking virtual support group designed to empower and guide parents through the exciting and challenging phases of their baby's first year. Led by seasoned experts in infant care, this unique platform offers invaluable insights, tips, tricks, and everyday tools to help parents confidently handle the myriad of challenges they face.

At the heart of Journeys is a strong commitment to fostering a sense of community and connection among new parents. The platform facilitates virtual support group sessions, where parents can come together, share their experiences, and receive expert guidance in real-time. These sessions cover essential topics such as feeding, sleep, diaper changes, and all the nuances of caring for a newborn.

Journeys is not just a support group; it's a lifeline for new parents, offering them a trusted community, expert guidance, and a wealth of resources as they embark on this remarkable journey of parenthood. With Journeys by their side, parents can navigate the challenges and joys of the early parenting years with confidence and grace.