Feeding Journeys are different for everyone. We're here for yours.

Journeys are 45 minute guided conversations — real time problem solving for bottle, breast, and combo feeding — to help prepare you for whatever parenthood throws (or spits up) at you next.

  • Gassy belly
  • Weird poop
  • Cluster Feeding
  • Low Supply
  • Switching Formula
  • Nasty Reflux
  • Overproducing Left Boob
  • Feeling Lonely
  • Pumping at work
  • Judgey friends
  • FOMO

Come as you are. Chat with a feeding expert.
Meet parents like you.


Un-showered, between work meetings, baby on your boob—we’re all in this together.

  • Small groups of 3-12 new parents
  • 45 minutes on Zoom
  • Support for all feeding journeys, breast, bottle, or both
  • Free for subscribers (a.k.a. our Bobbie fam)

Ready to book your first Journeys Session?

Tuesday, May 30
10:00 AM PST

Journeys by Bobbie

Guided by Kathryn Davis

Wednesday, May 31
10:00 AM PST

Journeys by Bobbie

Guided by Jadah Parks Chatterjee

Thursday, June 1
4:00 PM PST

Journeys by Bobbie

Guided by Mary B. Flynn

Certified experts with Feeding-Friendly cred.


It doesn’t take long to warm up to our Journeys Guides. Each has top-notch credentials, an inspiring personal story, and hands-on training from Bobbie’s Holistic Feeding Coach program.

Mary B Flynn

Postpartum Doula

Sleep Specialist

Lactation Educator

Certified EMT

Mary B. Flynn, a postpartum doula for 16+ years, believes no problem is unsolvable when it comes to your baby. Mary is renowned for her calm nature and first hand experience with all newborn care issues. She is an expert in combo, bottle, and breastfeeding. Along with being a leader in evidence-based doula training, Mary is a sleep specialist, lactation educator, certified EMT, CPR trainer, and CPS expert.

Jadah Parks Chatterjee

Registered Nurse

Lactation Consultant

Jadah Chatterjee is a registered nurse and IBCLC who values evidence-based, quality care that is collaborative, compassionate and shared with love. Jadah provides safe infant feeding education to empower informed decisions during the postpartum journey. Jadah works full time, raises a young brown boy, loves being a wife, and is passionate about improving maternal and infant mortality rates for her community.

Kathryn Albergate Davis

Postpartum Doula

Health Educator

Kathryn Davis is a highly accomplished sexual and reproductive health educator and postpartum doula with over 13 years of experience facilitating community health programs and supporting new families. Kathryn holds a Master’s degree in Public Health. Most importantly, Kathryn is a mother who unexpectedly found herself using formula and knows first hand the unique complexity that is feeding your baby.

Our method is confidence-based feeding, where the wisdom of experts meets a real-life community of other parents, transforming breakdowns into break throughs.

You’re not alone. Let’s take
this one feed at a time.



Journeys by Bobbie
is here for you.


No matter how you do it, feeding a baby is hard. Through the highs and lows, you deserve a community that will meet you where you are, listen to your story, and bolster your confidence.


The content of Journeys sessions is for informational and educational purposes only, and does not constitute medical or psychological advice, and does not establish any kind of patient-client relationship. Although Journeys Guides are trained practitioners, they are NOT your practitioners, and anything said should not be taken as a replacement for medical, clinical, or otherwise professional advice. You should consult your medical team for all questions related to your and your babies health and feeding practices.

Our Guides have gone through our Bobbie Method training, led by the expert Bobbie team and advisors. Our Bobbie Method was developed based on years of conversations and feedback with our community and is modeled around peer-validation and support. Our success metric is your parenting confidence through your feeding journey.

Better question: what works for you? Journeys Sessions are designed for you to drop in when you want! You may find that you connect with a specific guide and time, or you can bounce between sessions and get to know more community members.

Please enter the session with your mic muted and camera on. Once the Journeys Session is ready to start, your Guide will prompt the group to introduce yourselves, and share your stories. We love using the chat box to cheer each other on as well! Awake, asleep, somewhere in between—your baby is welcome in the Journeys Session. If you need to, hop off and rejoin when you’re ready. Just note that we may ask you to mute your mic if your little one has a lot to say 😉