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Organic Gentle Infant Formula Starter Bundle – 2 Cans

Our simple and trusted flagship recipe, certified USDA and EU Organic.

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Benefits of Bobbie Organic Formula

  • Good brain oils! Our organic fat blend provides essential fatty acids and is modeled after the average fat profile of breast milk.
  • True to our European-inspired approach, Bobbie meets infant E.U. nutritional standards for DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid that supports brain and eye development in little ones).

Our grass-fed, pasture-raised milk provides the daily building blocks of brain-body growth, like protein and organic lactose (a source of carbohydrates).

Designed to support your growing little one, our tummy-friendly balance of whey and casein mimics the proteins in breast milk.

Supports a developing immune system with key nutrients and vitamins found in breast milk, like zinc and Vitamin C.

Our Ingredients

The tasty, nutrient-rich milk in our Bobbie Organic flagship recipe is sourced from grass-fed Organic Valley cows, who spend 50% more time on pasture than the average organic herd. Learn more

An essential mineral for healthy cells and cognitive development. High iron levels in infant formula have been linked to constipation, so we developed our recipe with a lower iron level (1.2mg per 100kcal) for optimal digestion that achieves the EU’s regulations, while also meeting FDA standards.  Learn more

Neither whole nor skim cow’s milk alone provides the full essential fatty acid profile that infants need, so our proprietary organic fat blend helps us to align with that of mature breast milk. Our plant-based blend of sunflower/safflower, coconut and organic soybean oil is expeller-pressed and refined for safety without the use of chemical solvents, high heat, or inorganic bleaching agents.  Learn more

The primary source of carbohydrates found in breast milk provides energy to fuel growth. Lactose also helps with mineral absorption and plays a role in positively shaping the gut microbiome by supporting the growth of good bacteria! Lactose is low-glycemic, meaning it is metabolized more slowly for stable blood sugar values over time. Learn more

Whey is a type of protein, whose key feature is that it stays liquid during digestion. This makes it gentle on tummies! Our flagship recipe includes added whey protein to mirror the protein composition of mature breastmilk, while our Organic Gentle recipe features partially-hydrolyzed (broken down) whey proteins proteins for extra digestibility. Learn more

Bobbie provides a higher level of DHA than is found in any other U.S. formula (20mg per 100kcal), to meet EU standards. A key omega-3 fatty acid found in breast milk, research shows DHA supports brain function and eye health. Our DHA is sourced from algae and is safely water-extracted, aligned with organic practices where conventional DHA is often extracted with hexane. Learn more


Organic American Grass-Fed Milk




Organic Expeller- Pressed Fat Blend


Organic Lactose


Whey Protein



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Bobbie is the only mom-led infant formula company founded in the U.S.

(And damn proud of it.) We know feeding is a journey, because we've lived it.

Dear Bobbie...

love letters from our customers

As a breast cancer survivor, I underwent a double mastectomy after my diagnosis and it took me some time to accept that I would never be able to breastfeed my children. I searched high and low for a US-made organic baby formula and I am beyond glad that I found Bobbie. I recommend Bobbie to all new moms searching for formula and I will be back when we have our next little one.


When I was hit with low supply from the beginning, a midwife from San Francisco Birth Center suggested we try combo’ing with Bobbie. I am so, so glad we did because you got us through the formula crisis. It meant everything to me to not worry about how I was going to feed her.


We just graduated from Bobbie. I had to cancel our subscription yesterday… and there were tears… lots of them! Once we started formula, feedings were an opportunity for my daughter and I to really bond! Thank you for not only being an advocate for your own family, but everyone else’s.


Thank you for giving me the peace of mind that my baby would always have food in the midst of a huge formula shortage. Thank you for helping through some of the hardest times of my life by giving me the option to formula feed. Thank you for creating a product I felt good about giving to my baby.


When I found out about Bobbie I was a new mom of just about 3 weeks and in really bad shape.  The decision to stop breastfeeding to support my mental health and my son’s health was fraught with guilt, uncertainty, and judgment. I found incredible comfort and support on your website, videos, and founders’ stories. My son is absolutely thriving! THANK YOU FOR EXISTING!


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