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  • USDA Organic
    EU Organic
    Grass-fed milk
    EU-level DHA
    Clean label purity award
    Clean label pesticide free
    60:40 whey:casein
    No palm oil
    No-soy fat blend
    No soy allergens

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    How to Prep/Store Bobbie:

    There are different schools of thought when it comes to introducing a new formula. While some sources recommend combining formulas for a gradual transition, we suggest making an immediate switch so that any changes you may see in your baby during the transition can be attributable to the new formula.

    It’s best to introduce a new formula during the day, ideally in the morning when your baby is hungry so you can keep an eye on how your baby reacts. Keep in mind that it can take your baby around a week to fully adapt to a new formula—things like poop schedule, the color of poops, grunts, or spit up might be noticeably different until baby fully adjusts. If you have any concerns, always chat with your pediatrician to help ensure a smooth transition.

    You can store a freshly prepared and untouched bottle of Bobbie at room temp for up to 2 hours, or in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Once feeding has begun, discard the bottle after 1 hour. Prepared formula that was fed to a baby should be discarded after one hour from preparation.

    Parents should prepare Bobbie using 1 unpacked level scoop of formula for every 2 fl oz of water. This is consistent across most US formulas but different from most EU formulas. Note that each brand of formula uses a different scoop. We advise you to read the "Directions for preparation and use" on the can thoroughly before making your Bobbie and to only use the scoop that comes with the formula.

    Bobbie Organic Formula Ingredients:

    Bobbie received the FDA's green light after completing a successful review in 2020. Bobbie has completed the FDA review and meets all the requirements to be sold as an infant formula in the US.

    The right ratio of fatty acids ensures your baby gets the appropriate amount of essential fats to support proper growth and development. Bovine fat (aka fat from whole milk) is not sufficient on its own to provide the required nutritional profile to meet the needs of the baby. As such, all formulas are supplemented with fats from plant oils.

    Bobbie’s organic, expeller-pressed oil blend provides oleic and linoleic acids which are important for the generation of ARA and conversion of DHA in the body, Vitamin E which is an antioxidant, and saturated fatty acids which provide energy.

    Bobbie uses exclusively lactose as its source of carbohydrates because lactose is the main carbohydrate found in breast milk. Bobbie does not contain corn syrup, corn syrup solids, maltodextrin, glucose syrup, sucrose or other alternate carb sources sometimes used in infant formulas.

    Organic refers to foods that are grown without the use of synthetic agricultural chemicals, including pesticides and fertilizers, and without the use of antibiotics.

    While organic infant formula and baby food is a great step in the right direction, The Clean Label Purity Award and Pesticide-free certifications, which Bobbie is proud to have, take organic a step further.

    The EU requires the addition of DHA to all infant formulas sold in the EU. Although Bobbie is not an EU infant formula, Bobbie meets this particular standard. DHA is a fatty acid that supports brain and eye development in little ones. Bobbie’s DHA is sustainably sourced from marine algae and extracted using water, not hexane.

    Our dairy is sourced from a cooperative of organic American farms– Organic Valley. Organic Valley cows are free to roam and graze on pastures, and are never treated with hormones or antibiotics. Fun fact: Organic Valley helped write the standards on the benefits of organic pastures! Their cows spend an average of 42% more time on pasture than USDA organic requirements.

    Bobbie Organic has a 60:40 whey to casein protein ratio, which means there is more of the easily digestible whey protein than the casein protein.🐮 This particular ratio is what you'll find in mature breast milk. This is unlike unmodified cow's milk which features a 20:80 whey to casein ratio which can sometimes lead to upset tummies.

    Breast milk is the gold standard for infant nutrition, and breast milk’s nutrient composition is the basis for all infant formula. Our Bobbie Organic formula features lactose as our carb source, a 60/40 whey:casein protein ratio, and high levels of DHA, and supports the healthy growth and development of infants, similar to breastmilk.

    Where to buy Bobbie:

    Bobbie is available for purchase online at or nationwide in Target stories and on

    Bobbie costs $26 per 400g can and $42 per 680g can (available exclusively through Target).

    Yes! And subscription comes with the following benefits:

    • Free shipping
    • Ability to modify number of cans received based on age or changing need
    • Never out of stock
    • “Set it and forget it” convenience plus the ability to pick up from retail if needed
    • Exclusive access to perks program, swag, experiences etc.

    How quickly a family goes through a can of Bobbie will depend on the frequency and volume of feedings. Our 400g can will typically last about 3.5 days for an exclusively formula fed baby consuming 32 fl. oz. a day, or about a week if supplementing 50% of baby’s feedings with formula.

    Yes, Bobbie offers text, phone, and email support for customers. Have further questions? We’d love to chat!