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Bobbie Update

You asked. We formulated.

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Our Why

After months of research and innovation, we're proud as heck to introduce our updated Routine infant formula recipe. Maybe you picked up a can at Target, but here’s the gist: since launching our original Bobbie Organic Infant Formula, removing soy has remained among our top requests from parents.

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What's new, Bobbie?

Feed with confidence. Our switch to low erucic acid rapeseed (canola) oil is based on parent preference, not clinical or nutritional concerns. For most Bobbie babies, soy is a safe and nourishing part of our first-generation recipe.1  Both our new and updated recipes are backed by rigorous testing and third-party studies, vetted by our world-class team of pediatricians, formula researchers, and nutritionists.

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We swapped soybean oil for organic, non-GMO low-erucic-acid rapeseed (canola) oil, rich in unsaturated fats and linolenic fatty acids. Ours is sourced from a fifth-generation, family-owned, small batch processor.


In addition to naturally occurring L-carnitine found in cow's milk, we've bumped up this conditionally essential fatty acid to better meet EU requirements.

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We boosted our Vitamin D levels from 70IU to 75IU per 5oz bottle (100kcal), bringing us a step closer to EU recommendations of 80IU.


While we've always met the requirements, we increased our inositol to 24mg per 5oz bottle (100kcal), to provide a closer match to early breast milk.


Will my baby notice a difference?


Bobbie's taste, texture, color, and smell remain the same.

Because our updated infant formula recipe provides the same ratios of fats, proteins and carbohydrates as our first generation formula, you should notice minimal changes in your baby’s digestion.

Intolerance is often linked to the two factors below, both of which are unchanged in our new formula:

  • Palm oil. Bobbie continues to not use palm oil.
  • Protein constitution. Our updated recipe features the same protein sources—nonfat milk & whey protein concentrate—as our first-generation recipe, at a 60:40 whey:casein ratio (just like mature breast milk).

Keep in mind, every baby is unique. If you have concerns, talk to your pediatrician.

Bobbie is the only mom-founded and -led infant formula company in the U.S.

our babies made us do it

We’ve been there: pumping every ounce, desperately Googling formula options, at the emotional crossroads of how best to feed our babies. For Bobbie parents there are no dumb questions, no unwarranted tears, and no one that knows what’s best for your baby better than you do.