By Bobbie

We’re reimagining parental leave with a first-of-its-kind policy that offers birthing and non-birthing employees up to 12 months of leave and allows them to return to work on their own terms.  Now we’re open-sourcing our policy and challenging you to TakeOurLeave.

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Together, We Can Start a Movement

We’re the only mom-founded infant formula company in the U.S. 72% of our employees are parents and over half of our team had a pandemic baby. With TakeOurLeave, we’re reinventing what supporting working parents looks like.

But we can’t move the needle alone. Just 15% of companies with less than 100 employees have access to employer-provided paid leave and one-in-four mothers in the U.S. return to work ten days after childbirth. Without access to paid family leave, nearly 30% of women drop out of the workforce within a year of giving birth, and one-in-five do not return for more than a decade.

This is unacceptable. Without a national paid leave policy in the U.S., it’s up to us to elevate the one-dimensional view of parental leave. Let’s start a movement.

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