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Ashley Graham is fed up  with the judgment.
Ashley Graham is fed up  with the judgment.

Ashley Graham is fed up with the judgment.

Breast is best. Fed is best. If you’re like me, you poured energy—and emotion—into deciding who was right or wrong and which side of the fence you should be on.

Here’s the thing. There is no right side. We’re all in this together. “Best” means something different for every baby, parent, and feeding journey. I’ve learned first hand with three under three, there is no one size feeds all.

It’s time we decide what’s best for ourselves. For me, that looks like a combination of breast milk and Bobbie. Join me as I share my untold feeding confessional as a new member of the Bobbie fam.

let’s talk feeding facts


of parents who formula feed use it to
supplement—not replace—breast milk.*

1 in 2

Moms admit to lying about their feeding choices.*


of parents say the “breast is best” mantra causes them to feel shame, anger, or frustration.*

*2021, 2022 Wakefield studies of new American parents.

Combo Feeding

| com·​bo | \ ˈkäm-(ˌ)bō \

  1. A term used to describe feeding babies with a mix of both breast milk and formula (see also: supplementing).
  2. A practice used by 70% of formula-feeding parents— (who don’t talk about it).

“Combo feeding works because it permits families autonomy. Raising a child has its challenges but how you choose to feed your child should not be one of them.”


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“This is my best. Show me yours.”

Do It For The Graham:
Do It For The Graham:


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    There’s no wrong way to feed.

    There’s no wrong way to feed.
    Nursing day and night Lotsa breast milk,
lil formula Going halfsies Mostly formula,
some breast milk All formula, all the time

    Slurp some knowledge.


    Your reasons are personal—and that’s precisely our point. Some parents can’t exclusively breastfeed and choose to supplement breast milk with formula. Others may simply not want to exclusively breastfeed (which is reason enough, by the way) and like the flexibility and mental health support combo can offer. Whatever the reason: Nobody should feel shamed for their feeding decision, whether it’s all boob, all bottle, or some of both.

    When we say combo, we’re talking about feeding our babies with a combination of breast milk and formula.
    Some people refer to using pumped milk and breast milk as “combo,” and we love that for them.

    Both breast milk and formula are specifically designed to meet all your baby’s nutritional needs, so yes—combo feeding is a safe and healthy feeding option (and as a bonus: bottle feeding still provides a nurturing bonding experience for the parent and kiddo).

    For this one, we went straight to Bobbie Medical Board expert, Dr. Chatterjee. “I lean toward human milk as an appetizer and dessert,” she says. In general, it’s best to offer breast milk before offering formula. The only hard rule? “Make a plan that will keep your baby fulfilled, and be realistic for you to follow.”

    Great! Going all-in on one or the other is 100% safe and healthy for your baby. We’re all about options: Know that combo feeding is another tool available in your toolkit if or when you need it. And in the meantime, do what best supports you and your family.

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    Ashley Graham feeds her babies with boobies and Bobbie.

    Ashley Graham feeds her babies with boobies and Bobbie.

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