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Dear Mothers

You know the ins and outs of choosing infant formula. You’ve been through it all—the pain, the guilt and disappointment, the late nights, and the relief of knowing that your baby is full, fed, and healthy. We created Bobbie for you. With every ounce, Bobbie wants to evolve the conversation about how we feed our babies.

As we were finalizing Bobbie’s latest round of funding, we realized that the changes we want to bring to the formula industry—an industry traditionally owned and operated by men—also require changing who gets to be involved. Mothers are our reason for being, so mothers should be part of investing and participating in our journey.

That’s why we created the MotherLode. We reserved space on our cap table so that mothers could invest in Bobbie. It’s an important step towards democratizing investing. We invited new investors into the Bobbie Community, and we are now fully subscribed. Sign up below if you’d like to be added to our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from Bobbie!

With love,

— Laura + Sarah


A New Style of Organic U.S. Infant Formula. Founded By Moms.

  • Raising the Bar for Formula

    Bobbie is a European-style formula in the U.S., designed to meet EU nutritional standards and FDA regulations.

  • Redefining the Industry

    Bobbie launched one of the first new infant formulas in the last 5 years, entering an industry traditionally owned and operated by men.

  • Shaking the Stigma

    Bobbie wants to shift the conversation about formula-feeding and support parents no matter what their feeding journey entails.

  • Giving Back to Families

    Bobbie’s commitment goes beyond our formula—the long-term vision is to make high-quality formula affordable and accessible to all.


How The MotherLode Works

Believe in Bobbie’s Mission

Bobbie is bigger than formula

MotherLode is part of Bobbie’s larger vision to connect women and mothers to brands they believe in. We want to bring people to the table who don’t usually have access to invest—women, and by extension, mothers, are often left out of these opportunities.

That’s why we purposefully set aside a portion of our fundraising, to give moms the chance to participate as investors.

Invest Like a Mother

We're accepting $100 - $2,000 investments

From now until we are fully subscribed, you’ll be able to make anywhere between $100 - $2,000USD investments.

We’ve partnered with Republic—an investor platform—to make the process seamless and easy.

Ring The Closing Bell

Celebrate the closing of our fundraising round

We’ll be inviting our MotherLode investors to come together for a small and virtual closing bell ceremony to celebrate your investment in Bobbie.

You’ll hear from the founders, learn more about the MotherLode, and toast all the amazing people who’ve joined the Bobbie journey.

Welcome To The Bobbie Family

Know the impact of your investment

Once you’re part of the MotherLode, you’ll have a stake in Bobbie’s future and we want to keep you informed about our direction, successes, and milestones. On a quarterly basis, you’ll get newsletter updates and opportunities to meet the Bobbie Team.

You’ll also get a free annual executive membership to Ellevest to continue your investment journey.

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