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The next generation of feeding
support, facilitated by trained
Bobbie Guides.

Feeding Circles evolved over two years and hundreds of conversations with new parents about their feeding journeys. What stood out: the desire to give and receive consistent support from a community that actually gets it.

Count on it.



of mothers experience some form of postpartum distress. Research says that social, emotional, and informational support can change that.¹

Come as you are.

How It Works

Leave with confidence.


Feeding Circles begin with a grounding exercise and introductions. There’s no pressure to participate, no questions asked. Some days, listening is just what you need.


Your Bobbie-trained Guide will share an open prompt or facilitate an exercise to help you tune out the noise and identify strengths and skills for your feeding journey. Expect laughter, tears, and deep conversations about baby poop.


We close with wins! Personal, professional, tiny, large, baby- or body-related—anything.

Free For Bobbie Subscribers
Offered Six Days A Week
45 Minutes Long
Groups of 12 or Less
Hosted on Zoom

Deanna Houston

DeAnna is a trained Feeding Circles facilitator, certified meditation and yoga instructor, and mother of three small children. DeAnna understands the importance of gathering with other parents and strives to create safe spaces, so others may feel a sense of belonging.

Chelsea Nicole Love

Chelsea is a trained Feeding Circles facilitator, wife, and mom with two girls living in Florida. Chelsea is called to empower and strengthen others by encouraging love and confidence through her professional career and regular volunteer work in her community.

Molly Goodson

Molly is the leader of the Feeding Circles facilitator training, an experienced community builder, and a mom to a 10-month-old Bobbie baby. Molly has spent a decade as an entrepreneur creating digital and physical gathering spaces large and small.

Feeding Circles Are Not

Mommy & Me


Lactation Consulting

Feeding Circles Are

Gently guided vent sesh
Parent-to-parent solidarity
Feeding-inclusive insights


Our Guides have gone through our Bobbie Method training, led by the expert Bobbie team and advisors. Our Bobbie Method was developed based on years of conversations and feedback with our community and is modeled around peer-validation and support. Our success metric is your parenting confidence through your feeding journey.

Better question: what works for you? Book your spot as many times a week as you need! You may find that you connect with a specific guide and time, or you can bounce between Circle sessions and get to know more community members.

Please enter the Circle with your mic muted and camera on. Once the Circle is full, your Guide will prompt the group to unmute, introduce yourselves, and share throughout the session. We love using the chat box to cheer each other on as well! Awake, asleep, somewhere in between—your baby is welcome in the Circle if you need to bring your little one along. If you need to, hop off and rejoin when you’re ready. Just note that we may ask you to mute your mic if your little one has a lot to say 😉

Questions? Ideas? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us💚