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I breastfed my daughter for almost one year. We were under pressure to feed her well right since her birth as she was born at the fifth percentile.

Our lactation consultant at the hospital encouraged us to supplement with formula while my body was still working on creating a supply. However, my husband was very pro-breastfeeding, as his key learning from the several birthing classes was that ‘Breast is the Best,’ with very categoric caution for formula! Before that, I too was more keen on breastfeeding, but doing it, in reality, made me develop very negative emotions for it, given how much pain and discomfort I felt. As a family, it was always a conflicting situation, with both of us meaning to do the best for our baby.

Feeding got even more challenging, once she started daycare at five months. I started pumping more but getting my daughter to accept a bottle was a huge challenge. At this point, her weight had dropped to the third percentile. The first day I left my baby at daycare, she went on a hunger strike for seven hours.

It was only around nine months that she got slightly better at taking a bottle. Before I went on a work trip to China, my husband started giving her a bottle of formula at night and it briefly seemed like she had adjusted. As soon as I returned, we went back to square one as she only chose to be breastfed and was happy to remain hungry during the day. At that point, I slowly weaned her.