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I supplemented my little one and struggled with the guilt almost every day. In hindsight, it was not worth beating myself up.

I had a hard time producing breast milk. I did everything I could; ate all the right things, drank the right things, but I just couldn’t produce enough. I felt crushed and like I was alone.

For me, the epiphany was finding out my son was in the 2nd percentile and realizing I couldn’t do it on my own after three weeks. I didn’t know what I was producing or wasn’t. I met with lactation consultants and had to start supplementing.

Truth be told, I got an IUD and think that cut my milk production. No one ever told me that could happen. On top of that, I only had one breast that was producing milk anyway. I was trying so hard with this one breast that wasn’t working that great.

At the same time, I had a friend in Canada who was prescribed domperidone from her doctor. I resorted to trying to find these supplements on the black market. It turned things around but it’s an absurd thing to do.

My son absolutely adores me, breast or formula fed. As parents, we all want to do what’s best but we struggle, with all the information out there, to understand that there is good formula.

My breastfeeding journey ended at seven months of supplementing along the way, I just couldn’t feed him by myself.