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I had great intentions of breastfeeding. Our son was born and I didn’t know what to expect as a new mom. I didn’t have any colostrum but I tried to breastfeed him as much as I could. I tried SNS [Supplemental Nursing System] but at one month he wasn’t gaining enough weight. He also had reflux.

By week six, doctors recommended we see a gastro specialist. They weighed him after feeding and decided it would be best I supplement with formula to give him the extra calories he needed. I created low-fat milk for him, my supply was good.

I made it a goal to breastfeed him until he was one-year and got there, supplementing along the way. I was blessed to have a great care team and encouragement along the way.

When our daughter was born, I thought I’d breastfeed as much as I could for that first year. I knew right away something wasn’t right - I was experiencing pain. At her first week checkup, doctors saw she had tongue-tie. Within a few days, she had an easy procedure and immediately I felt the difference.

I elected to have a shorter time at home and eased myself back into work part-time. Around month 5 or 6, my supply started to go down. I started to introduce a supplementing bottle. She was happy and it was great. I thought I’m not going to beat myself up about this, this is part of being a mom and working. Plans change and there is nothing wrong with that.